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Welcome to the Pastel de Nata! We love making & eating our Portuguese Tarts, and hopefully you will too. We keep to tradition through our secret family recipe but also create special & innovative flavours that we're sure you'll love just as much.

“Um so I lied to my partner and said I got 6 and not 12 because I ate 6 in one go before he saw them and so now he thinks he’s having 3 HAHA oh my god these were delicious. Thanks so much, can’t wait for the next release”

Tash D.

“VEZ!! You’ve outdid yourself! So freaking yummm!! Now I know why it’s so popular, so flaky and buttery melts in your mouth, and I could tell there’s a lot of love and care in these tarts. Thank you so much for all your hard work and hustle by making these for us, you should be proud of yourself! You’ve just made our day brighter! Can’t wait to order more!!!”

Kelly N.

“Was trying to hold off until I ate lunch but I couldn’t resist. They’re amazing! I gave one to everyone at work and they all love them. Super yummy!”

Michelle Y.

“What is this? This is so f*#kn good, I’m mind blown, I’m ordering this, what the, I can’t get over this! I hate egg tarts, what is this? Bhahahah This. is. Amazing.”

Kimberly T.

“Honestly what the hell, they’re so good. My daughter causally helps herself (usually she always asks first) and then I said to her “They’re good aren’t they?” and she replies “what do you mean Mum, they’re amazing!, mind you - she’s 6!”